Adsorption Characteristics of Alkaline Activated Carbon

Adsorption Characteristics of Alkaline Activated Carbon Exemplified by Water Vapor, H2S, and CH3SH Gas

Alkaline impregnated activated carbon has been used to enhance the adsorption capacity for odorous compounds from gas streams. Experimentally its prove that adsorption characteristics of of H2S and CH3SH with impregnated activated carbons with alkaline additives (NaOH, Na2CO3, KOH, and K2CO3) shows more adsorption power then plane activated caron.  This is  the reason why impregnated activated carbons were ranked NaOH Na2CO3 KOH K2CO3 for H2S adsorption. 
The 50 mg NaOH/g impreganted carbon sample performed the best and It had 6.9 times the adsorption capacity of the virgin Activated Carbon. 
Activated carbon adsorption is an widely used process in environmental engineering.