Fatty Di amine TD

RXSOL manufacturing wide range fatty tertiary amines. Also Fatty Amines like Coco amine, Oleyl Amine, Tallow Amine, Tallow Diamine, Stearyl Amine etc. Fatty Amines have many uses, primarily as nonionic [+] Read More...
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Active Matter:
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160.00 Kg.(Liq)
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Fatty Di amine TD
Tallow Diamine has a range of applications in various industries. In the construction industry it finds use as an anti- stripping agent and asphalt emulsifier. In the textile industry, Tallow Diamine is used to manufacture organic pigments.
Using Procedure:
Dose Depends on Application. Kindly contact our technical team.
Technical Specifications:

Physical Properties :

Appearance Semi Solid
Colour Plae to Yellowish
Odor Ammonia Likw
Odor Threshhold Not Available
pH Alkaline in Water Solution
Boiling  Point >300°C ( 760°F) @mm Hg
Freezing / Meltin Point 35-45° C
Flash Point >100°C / 212°F
Specific Gravity 0.82  (Wter = 1)
Fatty Di amine TD