Product Application

Universal cleaner for home, institutes, plant and machinery. compatible with all type of surfaces.

RXSOL-20-T-300-210  Suitable for cleaning engine components like fuel and  Lube oil filters, Injection nozzles, pump components, inlet  and  exhaust valves &  primarily refers to cleaning of  hard surfaces, such as Decks, Tanks, Engine-rooms,  etc. can be used for all  types of cleaning and degreasing and  may be applied by brush, handspray, high and low pressure washing machines etc...

HEAD - [ T-Pol Heavy Duty]:
Molecule have a long chain non polar Hydrocarbon, whose structure can be Studied as follows:-
TAIL -   [ Head : It is water soluble & ‘-‘Vely charged.
Tail   :   It is oil soluble.

When T-Pol Heavy Duty  water is poured over the skin or  dirty  garments (Cloth )  the  hydrocarbon Tail  of the RXSOL-20-T-300-210 molecules peg in to it, while the (–ve) HEAD is held in water. The dirt or grease layer is then disloged from the skin by rubbing or from garment by tumbling  and stirring. Each grease globule thus separated in PIN CUSHIONED by hydrocarbon  TAILS with (-ve) HEADS out wards in water. The (-ve) HEAD globules keep apart by mutual repulsions & are said to have emulsified.The emulsified grease globules bearing dirt can be readly washed with water.


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