Product Application

Regular routine uses of Scale Remover Gel puts an end to scale in toilet systems. 

Inside of sewage pipes Urine combines with minerals in the water to form a thick, hard scale layer. which is restricting the flow of sewage and reducing vacuum efficiency and eventually blocking the pipes. In horizontal fittings especially, the aggressive salts can attack valves and piping over a period of time.

RXSOL-15-1558-005 Scale Remover Gel effectively dissolves scale deposition in toilets or vacuum pipes during routine treatment. Removal of mild scale build-up can be carried out without closing down toilet sections.

RXSOL-15-1558-005 Scale Remover Gel also works on severely toughest clogged pipes. Use regularly RXSOL-15-1558-005 Scale Remover Gel to permanently stop scale formation.