Product Dose

Chemical Tank Cleaning

Spraying –

The tank should be sprayed with BSOLV, and then left for 45 minutes.  After 45 minutes the tank should be butterworthed warm 50-60 o C for 30 minutes, followed by a 4 hour hot wash 80 – 85 o C, after which fresh water rinse and dry the tank.  All safety precautions must be taken whenever handling this product.

Re-circulation –

Sufficient BSOLV should be filled into the tank so that the cargo pump and butterworth machines function properly.  Circulations  should be carried out for at least 4 and ideally 6 hours and all areas of the tanks must be rinsed.  The tank MUST be at least cleaned to a good Water White standard and must be dry, before filling the BSOLV.  If another tank is to be circulated, then the product can be directly transferred.  IF not, it can be returned to drums for further use at a later date.  Following the circulations, the same washing procedure is carried out as outlined above in the spraying section.

* Use a strainer at the pumpstack when circulating any solution.Tank Lining – Stainless / Zinc / Epoxy