Product Dose

Degreasing :   SURFONIC 900 RX  is powerful degreaser and  detergent at low concentrations. Therefore, it is use in the removal of heavy greases and industrial metal cleaning. Dose depends on cleaning application.

Textile : SURFONIC 900 RX  is useful as a powerful wetting and sourcing agent in many textile processing applications. It also aids bleaching, desizing actions due to excellent wetting and penetration action. It is non-substantive to wool and can be used for scouring greater poundage of wool than anionics. It is also useful in dye leveling and kier boiling operations.

Agriculture : SURFONIC 900 RX is useful as a non-ionic component along with anionic surfactant for formulation of emulsifiers for pesticidal sprays.

Leather :  SURFONIC 900 RX  is useful as an ingredient in the formulation of tanning agents.

Paints : SURFONIC 900 RX is useful as pigment wetting and as an emulsifier in paint formulation.

Detergents : SURFONIC 900 RX  is useful at low concentrations for formulation with anionics to obtain improved detergency. Blended with quaternary ammonium compounds it can yield germicidal cleaners for institutional cleaning. It can also be formulated as a liquid detergent with softeners.